Our Farms

Our farms are located in Homestead Florida. South Florida is the perfect environment for growing healthy palms and tropical plants. The Homestead area is blessed with great soil, coral filtered waters, and a year round tropical climate. Our fields consist of a variety field grown Palms trees (Alexander Palms, Adonidia Palm (Christmas), Areca Palm, Malayan Coconut Palm, Queen Palm, Foxtail Palm, Bismarckia Palm, Screw Pine, Royal Palm, Veitchia, Robellinis, Old Man Palm, Hurricane Palm, Canary Palm, Sylvester Palm, Washingtonia Palm, Cabada Palm, King Alexander etc.

The advantage is growing our own product enables us to provide a variety of sizes. We have our new/young material for jobs that would like the product to gradually grow after being transplanted onto its permanent site (i.e. road ways, residential projects). On the other hand we have more mature trees that are perfect in planting replacements that have given specs (replacing over grown or damaged trees). Most recently, we have begun farming/raising container material in a variety of sizes (7g, 15g & 30g). We also have the ability to locate and supply any type of plant or flower (ruellia, red sister, croton, king sago, clusia, fiscus, oleander, too many to list)


We have the ability to help arrange shipments all over the nation and to the Caribbean. We have weekly trucks that can deliver to : Orlando, West Palm, Miami, Seffner, Ft. Myers, Naples, Florida Keys, Tampa, Sarasota, Jupiter, Hollywood, Lake Worth and all of north Florida. Resort Palms also sends flat bed tractor trailers as far north as New York in the spring. For local customers pick-up is also an option. Resort Palms takes product from where it is grown to where it will grow.

Our Customers

We provide palm trees, plants, and flowers to locations such as garden centers, landscapers, and retail shops. On many occasions we work directly with the end user. Our biggest clients being hotels, restaurants, marinas, golf courses, commercial sites, residential developments and municipalities. Below are just a few:

City of Coral Gables: DOT road side planted
City of Sunset: Median plantings
Waverly at South Beach

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