About Resort Palms


For over 17 years we have been the leading supplier of tropical plants/palms for the Northeast. We transform hotels, restaurants, water parks, and resort into tropical paradises. We grow most of our products. This ensures that the plants, palms, and flowers are on a fertilization cycle that maximizes their appearance and produces a healthy product for our customers. We also have tested different varieties and how each adapts to our area. Therefore, we only bring up the products that we believe will flourish for our late spring, summer, and early fall seasons. We begin transporting products in late spring (late April) to the southern states NC and VA and begin to service the other states starting the beginning of May. Our customers must realize that products can be damaged in cold temperatures (below 45) and most likely have severe damage and/or die when exposed to frost. Resort Palms also follows all the federal regulations with treating products for fire ants. That is a mandatory procedure for products to leave the state of Florida. We will provide all proper certifications and stamps showing that treatment. Resort Palms works with new projects for design and budget purposes. We can see your project from concept to installation. Resort Palms also can handle all transportation from Florida to your location. When designing your tropical business and/ or back yard remember, “Atmosphere is Everything”™.


Resort Palms grows a variety of field grown and container palms and plants. From 3g robellinis to 15ft of wd coconuts and everything in between. We also have a great network of growers to fill any void that we may have. Resort Palms is a customer service based company. We set ourselves apart by being there when you need us. Whether it be to find that one rare palm to fill an order or to meet so you can personally tag your own trees. Resort Palms sells palms to landscapers, businesses, municipalities, resorts, and/or direct to the homeowner. Resort Palms can also handle delivery and installation. We consolidate all grown and brokered plants, and palms into one shipment. This simplifies the process for our customers. Resort Palms is also expanding its business to the Caribbean. Providing detailed orders for new resorts or your seasonal orders that freshen up you landscape beds. Remembering “Atmosphere is Everything”™ Availability changes rapidly and all plants are subject to prior sale. Please call for pricing and availability.

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