Mid-Atlantic Palm Care


Palms and tropical plants will most likely go through a period of shock once transported to our area. This is a natural event that happens when the palm is introduced to a new climate that is much different than south Florida. These palms have been raised/grown in temperatures that rarely dip below 60 degrees and probably average 78 degrees. In May the Mid-Atlantic region typically averages 60 degrees and can dip into the 40s. Our weather temps gradually get to Florida averages in July. When in shock you will see the bottom fronds yellow then brown. These fronds are the oldest and most susceptible to shock. DO NOT CUT OFF!!! Let the frond completely die. As this is happening the tree is adapting to the environment and at the same time our temperatures are rising. This shock seems to slow and/or stop by mid June. At that time new fronds will form from the center of the head (growth spike) and fill in to complete a beautiful natural look. Resort Palms cycle fertilizes all palms and root prunes field grown field grown trees to lessen the effects of shock. REMEMBER FROST CAN KILL TROPICAL PALMS AND PLANTS.

Delivery and Handling

The customers can either pick-up product at our staging area in Selbyville, Delaware, have delivered to your site on a brokered tractor trailer, or arrange smaller orders thru a 3rd party vendor. We can help from start to finish. Please have proper equipment to unload. The customer is responsible for unloading. Freight companies will require that once product is on site it will be unloaded in a timely manner or additional charges will occur.

“Atmosphere is Everything”™

Plants and flowers: Resort Palms grows are small material in the optimal environment for healthy growth. They are properly fertilized and watered so once we received they are able to transform into a lush product to finish off your tropical landscape. As mentioned above the most important thing is water. Plants have been on a drip water system for a year or more. Therefore they rely on your care!!!! They are fertilized prior to delivery. However we recommend liquid “miracle grow” every other week. That additive seems the keep leaves nice and green and help produce a abundance to flowers throughout the summer. It is also essential to know your plants. Some are grown in sun and others in shade. Therefore research on our site or on the internet to make sure it is planted in the right place to flourish. “Atmosphere is Everything”™.

Knowledge & Care

Palms: Palms grow from the inside out. The center of palm trees you will see a pointed spike. this is the growth spike (which is the newest frond) This will eventually open to become the highest/tallest leaf on the tree. The bottom frond/leaf that is the oldest. Therefore you will see it yellow and brown. This is a natural process. This will most likely happen when you first receive tree in the spring (see section SHOCK). Resort Palms apples cycle slow release fertlizer on trees before shipment. The most important think for end consumer is to water, water, water. These container palms are grown under a drip system which supplies 2 to 10 gallons of water a day. Eventually the tree will adjust to your watering regiment. However remember that it is living organism. It needs water!!