Florida Palm Care


Field grown trees: Have proper equipment to unload!! Field grown trees can weigh in excess of 1500 lbs. Customers must have properly rated machines and straps to ensure safety for individuals and trees. Holes should be slightly bigger than the root ball. The tree should be at a proper depth for safety. Cable or brace larger trees for safety. Water in the soil at planting to reduce air pockets and tamp top for fill dirt for compaction. Trees should be planted so the growth spike is completely straight and pointing to the sky. Do not use the trunk to determine position. Mainly trunks have slight curves.


Container Trees

In our region Resort Palms typically will leave palms in the pot that trees arrive in. It is their native fertilized soil. We do not feel that our soil will add any benefits to the temporary growth of a tree. Dig a hole slightly bigger than pot. Only plant pot a few inches below final grade. Once tree in hole compact native soil/sand around and compact. However, if you need to remove grow pot for any reason the tree will be fine.

Delivery and Handling

The customers can either pick-up product at one of our farm locations in Homestead, have delivered to your site on a brokered tractor trailer, or arrange smaller orders through a 3rd party vendor. We can help from start to finish. Please have the proper equipment to unload. The customer is responsible for unloading. Freight companies will require that once the product is on site it will be unloaded in a timely manner or additional charges will occur.

Shipment Of Palms